To you.

To you, my greatest fear.

You've always been here

You and all your silly irrationalness. 

Making me fear that I have a deadly illness.

Oh wait, what's that?

Is that the sign for early cancer from a bat?

Or is it just a minor bug bite?

Fear sinks inside of me, fear just wants to fight.

Fight me, fight you, 

fight all the rationality in this room.

"But wait! There's more!" It says like this is all just a game.

"What if your friends, aren't your friends?" This angry voice can't be tamed.

'We talked about this, I worked it out, 

my friends really love me, there's no need to shout.'

I tried to reply.

It pushed me away with its blood-shot eyes,

"No. No way. Think of it this way, you can't go to any parties; such a flake! 

All of your friends all think that your friendship is fake! 

Now, here me out, there's over twenty different ways that this day could go wrong."

It does have a point, so I let it speak, It picks up tiny details with its even tiner prongs.

To hear what I could do to someone, or someone could do to me

Really makes me think about everything there used to be

Used to be in the world, in the school, even in my happiness too!

Everything that went wrong plays in my mind,

how could I ever be so blind?

Thanks for helping me see why I should stay home

Thanks for telling me that I shouldn't pick up the phone.

Thanks for helping me see the world as it should be.

Thanks for being my anxiety.


   Anxious Alyssa


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