Sat, 10/21/2017 - 22:25 -- Jerinna

Red pours over my vision 




Over the glass walls around me 

I feel my skin split as I slam my fist against my reflection 

I try my hardest to rip apart the memories of the men  

Who took away my innocence 

But the images of my past are threaded in each vain in my body  

They become a part of me 

And the very act of trying 

Causes my own flesh to peel off  

As though I was a flower ready to bloom 

My body opens up, my soul caves in 

Blood splattered in the face of despair 

The face staring back at me 

Is that me? 

Is this who I have become? 

A shell of the men who hurt me? 

At first, it is only me 

But then, You appear 

You answer my questions 

In the form of Your soothing touch 

Instead of feeling the hands of my demons 

The hands that tore through my clothes and ripped out my heart 

Each pair hungry for what's left of my body 

I feel a bed of flowers 

My cheek against a soft pillow 

Your skin 

Yes, You're here 

I feel Your body as it manifests beside me 

A soul made from love 

A soul there for me, wherever I was 

My eyes are closed 

I am shivering 

You are holding me 

If not with Your body, then with Your words 

You say "Look at me through my eyes,  

For you will see what I see 

An image of beauty" 

Suddenly, I understand 

What love means 

It means You 

You, you, you 

All of You 

Loving all of me 

Even when I kick 

Even when I scream 

Even with the trauma from my past 

You are here 

You are here with me 

And when my eyes misguide me, my vision blurred with the color red 

I know I can trust on You 

For Your eyes help me see 

The beauty inside me 


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