Sun, 09/24/2017 - 15:16 -- Ruffsa

They told me 

they told me to let go

they told me to let go of you. 

the letting go

where'd you go?


I was a flower

I was a flower in your garden 

a flower and you cut me

added me to your bouquet

your bouquet of blossoming lies

and thorny truths


I was a lightbulb

your lightbulb

and you used me

turned me on and off

and on and off

you made me believe that was my only purpose

to be used by you


Now I’m a bird

a bird and I soar

Where are you? 

Down below.

under me. 


Now I’m a waterfall

I flow and lunge and escape and carry

Where’d you go? 

You were crushed under the weight of my water 

You drowned in my freedom.


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