The human body is a beautifully constructed collection of natures vast oceans,

many diverse landscapes,

and boasting sunsets. 


As the years drag on, the mind is battered with waves of grief and anguish.

Just as the raging waters battle with the winds and beat the shore line,

your mind is beaten by the anxiety and aggravations of life.

You are a vast, adaptable ocean.

You are not drowned by the intensity of the storm.

The storms cease and the waters settle.

The seas are calmer than ever and yoy are stronger than previously imaginable.

That is where your mental strength comes from. 


You are a glorious landscape with rolling hills and winding rivers.

Never apologize for the way your rivers curve or the way your hills rise and fall.

Never once have I seen a valley with twists and turns and divots clearly on display

and thought "this has ruined my day!"

There is beauty in your very unique body,

just as there is beauty in the many diverse landscapes that surround us today.

No view outshines the other.

No mountain line, dessert, lush valley, etc. compares to the other because none is just alike.

Don't compare yourself to the beach beside you,

when you yourself are an unexplored jungle. 


You are the colors that dance with the setting sun,

the type that pictures can never capture.

You have layers of color that individually tell a story.

Just as the sky paints deep hues of orange, red, and yellow one afternoon and cotton candy hues the next.

You are diverse in color.

No sunset is subject to discrimination because it displays the color purple.

You will never shrink back because you're blessed with a deeper shade of blue or a lighter shade of pastel.

If the skyline stayed a solid white slate it would be void of its beauty and originality.

You're a masterful creation of natures finest parts. 

You are you.



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Our world


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