This is for you

This is for the kids who walk in the hallways with thier eyes cast towards the floor

This is for the kids who play alone on the playground during recess, kicking the wood chips beneath your sneakers, waiting for that bell to ring

This is for you.

The long days you spend looking out the classroom window, hoping for the day to go by faster.

Those countless hours spent daydreaming about those fictional worlds you read in books and see on T.V,

Wishing THAT could be your bright reality.

This is for you.

Those first days of school you sit alone in the back of the classroom,

Avoiding the chance of being called on by yoour teacher to share something about yourself or something fun you did over the summer break.

Those first moments when you finaly get a new friend you could truely open up to.

This is for you

Those days your mind is clouded with worry, 

Worried about what people think of you,

Worried about what you look like.

Months of hot sun and warm breezes fade away to muggy and frigid w.eather.

This is for you

Large warm sweaters to cover your arms, easing your insecurity

The cold nipping at your nose as you walk home from the bus stop.

coming to a complete, but broken family.

This is for you

You smile because you have friends who apprreciate you and all you are.

Those scars remind you of how much stronger you are today.

School has always been the same, but you dont really care anymore

You know you wont see these people again, so why bother?

This is for you

your dreams of becoming something big, something to make a difference in this world or in someone else's 

An artist, an author, a singer, a teacher

Basically anything you want to be.

None of their opinions should matter, because they cant decide your future for you

This is for you

Sitting in a cap and gown, waiting for your name to be called,

Waiting for it to resonate throughout the large arena filled with strangers, family, and friends

You smile because you made it

You smile because you proved to yourself, and others, that you are worth much more

That you accept all your flaws and are willing to change on your own.

All this and more...

This is for you

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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