Are the light that dances in your eyes.

I see it

When you think I'm not watching.



Are big dreams and starry nights,

And that moment before you've made a decision when the world itself is yours.

You told me

That if you had sixty minutes to finish a test you would use every second of it

And I know you feel the same way about life because

You like roller coasters -

Wind-swept screams and flying far ahead of your heart and your stomach;

I know the feeling.

It's the same feeling that I get when your name buzzes into a text message,

Lights up my phone and my life.

For a moment, I am caught between all of the words we choose not to say and you.



Are the reason I can't tell dreams from reality 

Ever since you said the words "I like you."


You say there is no such thing as fate

But I think it is not so much the stars

That create us but we who define the stars

And I know that any wish I make will take over four years

To reach Proxima Centauri

But wishes travel faster than light,

Don't they?


I know that I've been wishing for you since before the light in your eyes hit mine. 


Sometimes things don't stick


Feelings fleet and bump and crash.


Have hurt people


Me, too.


People not unlike you or me

Stare at the spot where we once were and wonder.


So when they ask what I need more than anything

I'll answer.



Are that soft smile that tickles my heart

Those rough hands and deep conversation



Were captured in that moment when you looked at me

And asked if I felt it, too. 


All I need is...


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