Sun, 03/20/2016 - 02:44 -- Abs

If only I saw it coming,

Things would be different.

If only you came to me instead of holding everything in,

This wouldn’t have happened.

But you didn’t know what to do,

You were too young to understand.

And now I’m here without you.


If only I was there with you,

I would have comforted you.

If only I looked into your eyes,

I would have seen the pain buried inside.

But I didn’t know what to do,

I didn’t understand what you were going through.

And now I’m here missing you.


If only that didn’t happened,

You would still be playing happily.

If only I listened to your silence,

I would have fixed it all and put a smile on your face.

But your smile faded and you no longer played

Because you felt everything coming to an end.

And now I’m here all alone.  


You left me all by myself.

All this time I thought I needed you,

But you needed me more.

I am lost without you here.

You didn’t even say good bye,

And now I’m left with nothing

But your memories.



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