i would always look down

because up was worse,

i rather be done under the ground

than up here,

 up here is where socal groups change you

down there is where the dead lie

where we all try to cut our way down there,

up here is what ever your personalitly is defies what group you are in

of courase i was in a group that didnt have a name, 

we let anyone in

big,small,pimples,race,religion, speical needs

we let them all

some ate useing their mouths and others wasnt the nicest person

people would laugh at us

thats were i got my first nick name"twig"

because i was really tall and skinny and easy to break

any one would say 

i hate you or u r so stupid, or anything else about me

if someone said that to me it was like my life was over, i would shut down and wont talk to people

i would not want to go to school  

but hey, i am just sensitive like that

then i saw him 

no not the guy of my dreams but him,

we became friends

after that i started to get to know more people

after that i joined drama i even met  even more people

every class i went to i had a bunch of freinds that knew my name 

i thought that hanging out with him was perfect

we would always trade food

one time in math class he called me stupid

it didnt fase me i just countiue on talking, 

today we are still friends 

he helps me with my family problems and i help with his

drama helps me express myslef

he help me for when people talk about me i just ignore them or i say "thats your opinion"

today i learn how to push my self to do better so one day i can acheive my dream of being an actress

today i still have family issues but now i know how to deal with them 

and i can thank all of this to him

no not the guy of my dreams, but HIM


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