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What is a name to a storm?
The first identifies individuals
Amongst individuals
The second reaps and rends
Amongst the fields
With water, air and malice
So what is common with these uncommon things?
The storm overwhelms a name
Trodden over it
Drenches it
Blows it over
What is grief to a storm?
They are synonymous
Working hand and hand
While your face is hidden in your hands
Sadness is just the calm
The storm is much more sinister 
It is persecution and betrayal
Regardless of effort and goodwill
You will be trodden and hurt
In debt
To others, to yourself
In debt because of others
Without end
The sun cannot be seen
But not yet
The harsher the storm
The shorter it is  
The heavier the storm
The shorter it is
The longer the storm
The happier it is
Why is it happier?
Answer me this:
What makes a name different than a storm or grief?
A name cannot be blown over
And a name can see the sun 
Which is the calm after the storm

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