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this is to you

nobody else

no one else

but you

just you,

only you

not referring to anyone

, but you

i want to write

all i need to know about you

not this

not that

just you

because this is you

are you different

are you unique, intriguing and special

but there is still that one question

before i do write about you

who are you?

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Keep it Up

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

whats up my brother
this style behind this poem was make the word you to something meaningful
check out my other poems


I like it.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im glad u liked my poem-very humble by your comments

check out my other pieces i wrote



Simple yet sit makes you think. Like it

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i took the word you and made it relevant

thats the beauty of poetry

check out my other poems and continuie to show support


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hi daileye

thank you for your comment

i took the word you and connect it to relevance

i'm humbly inspired that you are drawn to my work

i've written poems about all topics

share me your work so i can encourage and instill your style to poetry

check out my other poems-please comment on my poems

let's collaborate if you like

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hi dailey

cool-i'm glad you are reading my work

let's keep a dialogue going

let's collaborate on writing a poem about something that interests you in which one can learn from another

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