For You...

They told me that a beautiful picture is supposed to represent over a thousand words. And that just might be true, but I wasn't born able to paint the strokes of a beautiful picture, my words are what I use to define beauty. I write the words that are able to comfort the broken heart of the girl whos world just came crashing down. I create the fictional promising joy for the little boy who just wants to smile. I capture the feelings that he has been dying to open up and say. And I can write the perfect verse over the perfect melody for the musican to play. When the music becomes too silent and theres no one to around to listen, the pen becomes the world that I turn to just to be heard even just for second.My thoughts through the pen are the words that people hide within and they go always go unheard. No I am not able to create a picture with paint but I can create something beautiful using just my words.



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