You <3

i waited what fells like a thousand years

but id wait a million more for you

no one prepared me for

what i'd feel like when im not with you

if i'd only felt the warmth when im in your touch

if i'd only see how you smile when you blush

how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

i'd only know

what i was waiting for


i felt like being dropped under the wall of water

like being punched in my stomach

and no one even dares to look up

i want to feel your plush lips on mine

your smooth hand over top of mine


all i want to know

is how it feels to be yours

to be one


not afraid

no more lies

no secrets

no tear stained cheeks


no more staying up past midnight

because you cant stop crying

cause thats what i do

and nobody knows


i feel like im dorwning 

theres no way to surface from the water

and all i want is you

you and you only

is that to much to ask for?





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