when you meet my gaze suddenly i am a child in a tilt-a-whirl again—

laughing in the simple joy of movement and crying out for more as soon as it’s ended—

and i wonder if you can see how dizzy i am by my dazed smile.


when i smell your skin i ache to taste the combination—

always cigarette smoke and body wash and cheap deodorant and you

and unravel the enigma of your flavor on my tongue.


when my thoughts progress to you i reach for your body—

under my careful hands can i make your spine arch and your toes curl?—

and i feel you all over my skin in a gentle caress.


when i hear your voice i want to be the one to make it sound—

my name drawn from your lips in a groan and whispered as I fall asleep beside you—

and i hope you don’t see the lust behind my eyes but sometimes i hope you do.


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