Aren’t You

Aren’t you suppose to help me do better

Aren’t you suppose to stop what they do to me

Aren’t you suppose to stop me from drowning in my own self-destruction


You Watched

You watched as I struggled

You watched as they said those horrible cruel things to me

You watched as they hurt me


You Failed

You failed to make me believe in myself, in my future, in my dreams, in my hope

You failed to protect me from those monsters that hurt me so badly

You failed me


I Won’t

I won’t let your failure stop me

I won’t let what they said break me down any longer

I won’t do the same mistakes you made; I will save those like me


I Found

I found myself through my struggles

I found hope through the torment they put me through

I found my future; I will keep those like me away from monster like you

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