in creative writing club the poem had to be said in 2nd person but still involve another way to speak about a person (1st and third person)  here is one of mine , To have someone like you is all anyone could ask for or ever want , whats amazing is i never asked but you were given to me . you've never given up on me and for that , i thank you . ive done my best ONLY because you've done that and more. you deserve it. i dont let you step all over me but i do let certain things go because they arent worth holding on to. its only difficult to go through because we're really bestfriends... i just need you to know that you are my heart , you are my soul , my other half and without you i cannot be whole ... we arent "used"to each other so we stay together . we have made it this far because of dedication, communication , honesty and most importantly love. You have become my heart , my soul , you're amazing and for that .. i thank the Lord .


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