For You

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 11:29 -- mel135

In the beginning, 

you don’t understand, 

I do this all, 

for you. 


I save,

I slave, 

I follow,  


watch out, 

all for you. 


The kids outside 

step with pride

as they walk down

the street 

no shoes on.


So I protect you

from the outsside 

keep you near


In the beginning, 

you don’t like being controlled. 

Like a fish on a hook, 

the world is right there 

in front of you, 

but I can’t let you go. 



In the middle, 

you don’t know 

all the things I do  

for you. 


I clean, 


and help you. 

I still care, 

all because I love you. 


I provide

all I can

so that one day 

you can escape 

to the sea

And leave 

all this




In the middle, 

you don’t like being controlled. 

The fish begins to thrash, 

attempting to break loose 

into the open sea. 

But I can’t let go. 


You are not ready, 

cannot make it, 

will never succeed, 

is what I say, 

afraid to let go. 


You need to study

You need to read,


You need to be everything

I will never 



In the end, 

we both know  

you are ready 

to let go. 


You come free, 

having turned into a beautiful  , 

and head into the open sea 

where I cannot find, 

watch out, 

or help you. 

But know that I love you. 


In the end, 

you understand 

as to why you restrained. 

You fall in love, 

get attached, 

grow old, 

and I watch you slip away. 


You know 

I did this all  

for you. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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