You’re telling me that

You’re telling me that a woman is only beautiful when she’s naked
You’re telling me that a woman is vulnerable yet powerful,
She’s always hiding behind the man but yet you tell me that she has long, slender legs placed on top of platform heels and we’re supposed to tower over them because
“we are fierce and we are heavenly”
We are a forbidden fruit that they can’t resist the taste of
As they reach up to grab it, their mouths water and we revel in this?
Their craving for us, this is what’s supposed to feed us and make us feel whole again?
It’s more than just “daddy issues,” it’s societal issues
But when God sees this, he shakes his finger at you, so you have no choice but to spit us out as if we meant nothing,
Put the blame on us because you couldn’t control your own self from our goodness
I know I’m missing Eve but that’s not the story I’m referring to
I’m talking about how easily woman are thrown away
It’s proven time and time again
We are belittled as if we are dirt,
Yet you say that men are in charge so we have to keep it all inside of us,
We have to hide or repress any sort of confidence we have
You say that they are the lead and we are the bitch that they have on a leash
Well these bitches have claws and we have teeth,
sharp enough to rip out their insides to show them exactly who’s in charge
They say we can get any man we want
But we have to look like this
But act like that because that’s what they want 
But we must be ourselves
Or don’t do this because they don’t want us to
We are dominated by this idea that men are in charge and they have control,
They are the determinant of our society
Well I say forget that
Men are supposed to be our allies, not our dictators
I’m not saying I’m a feminist but I am proud to be a woman
I’m not saying feminism is bad or that it should be shamed
I’m just saying that we should be proud of who we are and we should not keep pushing down these feelings of pride
Why has society taught people over the years to be ashamed of who we are?
Why is it okay to dominate?
Why is it okay for some to be flaunting themselves, absorbing all the light from the sun,
while others are shoving themselves so far into corners and closets, shutting themselves away, locking themselves in places so dark, making them shrivel up and wilt?
When has it ever been okay to be ashamed of who you are?
You are a masterpiece
You are an edifice of intricate design and complexity far beyond the comprehension of the human mind
We cannot fathom the beauty in people but yet society teaches us to translate the unknown and confusion into rejection and flaws
Society expects us to advance and progress when we cannot even love, we cannot accept
There is no love anymore
People are throwing themselves anywhere and everywhere that’ll make them feel loved
Why would they do that?
Because it’s so hard to find
We’ve dug a hole so deep, carved a path so crooked
that we cannot find ourselves a way out
We are all lost
Until we find our way back to acceptance


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