Yonaguni ~ Revealed

A boy, found... amongst a reefed ship

Looking out past his bubble,

Onto a sea of destruction inhibited

With no one left to gain... nor trust.


A monstrous sea beast... formidable 

She and her family, unknelled,

Entomb those who they've lost

To them that fear the beasts.


As the legends uphold, two worlds met;

She and her family... espoused the boy

The boy born with magic that was misunderstood,

And the beasts, feared for ages by all... became one.


And it was found one day, adminst a sea palace

The boy, learned the beasts were compassionate,

And the beasts, learned the boy was gifted.

With this lesson revealed... they brought forth

To all who extrapolate, the color beneath the skin.

And it shall pass, all who hear of the boy and the sea beasts,

Shall understand what lies beneath... an enchanting message.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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