They say you only live once

but how does a cat have nine lives and never seen one

we try to be different and live a good life

doesnt matter how hard we try we never seem to win

win or lose its all apart of the game

i lose 10 ten dollars today you lose a life tomorrow

its fucked up and i know how cruel it could be

destiny is not my friend and will never be


You only live once

so jump out of plane Skydive your whole life away

argue with everyone you see on street

Punch an old lady in her Cheek

stab a guy in the eye shoot him two times

then go to church and pray to God to not send you Hell tonight


You only live once so live it well

dont make petty stuff get to ya head

try to avoid negativity around you and focus on what's best for yourself

cause carrying a grudge is not good for soul for as God is my witness

You don't wanna go home


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