Yo Momma Was Cruel, Yo Momma Was Evil

Cinderella’s been my favorite princess, ever since day one.

She’s the one I’ve watched since childhood, the one I love a ton.

But ever wonder what made Evil Stepmother so uptight?

Well let me tell you about what happened on that brisk November night.

But first, ever wonder what her first name is?

It’s Sarah. Fun fact: She was good at math, they called her a math wiz.

Anyway, she was getting ready for her date, the very first one ever.

She got dolled up, put on her pearls, and wore her favorite sweater.

The boy who took her out, his name was Charming Steve,

And he loved her with all his heart until that cold Christmas Eve.

On that day, oh that sad day, Sarah’s father left her and her mother.

Sarah’s mother lost hope in love and forbid Sarah to love another.

Sarah’s mother forced her to break contact with her lover,

But Steve wouldn’t let that happen, so he sent his younger brother

To give Sarah letters every single day,

To remind her that his heart was hers, and that love would find a way.

So one day, she mustered up the courage to take her things and go,

Run far away with Steve and finally tell her mother, “No.”

They ran, far and long, for days, weeks and months.

Though they loved each other fondly, they broke up nearly once.

It was over Sarah’s mother, Steve felt bad that they ran away.

But Sarah loved Steve more, that to split up would make her go cray.

They soon had two baby girls,

One Anastasia, the other Drizella, they got Steve’s beautiful curls.

But one frosty winter night, Steve got a cold, turned pale, and he died,

As Sarah sat beside her lover, daughters in her arms, with more tears than she’s ever cried.

She was forced to go back to her mother, though she despised it very much so,

But she had no other option, she needed shelter for her two girls to grow.

Sarah’s mother was evil, cruel as could be.

That’s the reason why Sarah treated Cinderella that way, locked the door and kept the key.

But Anastasia and Drizella were still loved because they reminded Sarah of her Steve,

And she promised that she promised to never ever leave

Her daughters for anyone, anything, or anyplace.

Because she knew the feeling of abandonment, it was a memory she couldn’t erase.



wow that is amazing

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