Ying Yang

Can I…. No

Oh what about… No

But wait I didn’t get to fini-.....What I say?  No

It’s safe I promise...No it’s too dangerous

What? Going to the mall with my friends


What makes you so worried that you cling to me like gum on teeth

Does my toothy grin offend you because you don’t know what’s underneath?

Is it because I’m a “teenager” or is it the fact that you don’t want me stepping on the same sharp, ragged, and damaged stairs?

You know what, I’m done, I’m tired of guessing, I don’t really care

Oh no ….wait I got it…. you’re gonna enjoy this one … everybody pause

“I’m young and inexperienced” (claps)  

I can’t say how I really feel because your words are like a boomerang

Or like a gun saying BANG,BANG, BANG

Yea it’s nice that you have authority over me

But it’s not helping that “little girl” grow up to be who she wants to be


I want to be able to spread my wings and soar

And experience much more

Picking my own card without shuffling it

Finding my true love without falling into a lion pit


Well, I wouldn’t be able to soar without the wings you gave me

Picking my own card without a guide

And not seeking my true love but to wait patiently


That “little girl” needed every piece she could grasp

Yes those two little letters were my enemy but they made me realize that there are always two answers to every question

Unless your in math class

They weren’t meant to cause depression and aggression

But to allow me to see how the world is going to be


Have you picked out your classes……..Yes

Don’t forget to bring your toothbr-...........Yes Yes I know

Are you ready to be out on your own…….Yes


This poem is about: 
My family
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