The Yield Sign Of A Father's Heart

Prodigious, is a woman who can raise 3 kids on her own

Doltish, is a man who thinks that his children will reap the benefits

of his absence

Abandoned, speaks the spirit of a Daughter who cant remember

the last time she saw the man who gave her his face, but not his mind

Disoriented, is a son who hears the tone everytime he sials his father's number

I Digress

57.6% of African American children are fatherless, I see everyday the affects

on children who's fathers are blind to the damage they do to their young

I Digress

I love my mother, a lover of god

She taught me that the hole I let my absent father burn in my heart 

is only as painfull as I allow it to be 

See She 

was the "MAN" of our house ,

mowing the lawn, doing our landscaping,

taking out the trash only for my father to 

come in and yell about how imperfect everything was

But everything was imperfect in his eyes

because the actual imperfection lies in his heart

where the same whole was burnt and to this day still releases fresh smoke

I Digress

perfect pain can only be dished out by a familiar source

I came to realise that the same confusion my brother feels spews from

the raw spores of my father's abandonment

He passed it on,

It was impprinted in his brain the day my grandfather left my grandmother

for a white woman

I Digress

love should be given unconditionally ,

a chain reaction happens when a childs wound that was sliced

open by their father is never stitched closed


And all of my digressions in this poem are an example of that.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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