Yesterday was Great

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 01:45 -- sdunh12

Yesterday was great,

Full of fun and laughter

And opening of the realistic eyes

Meant to see beyond

The fallacy of empty judgments.

As the next chapter of another day

Began to bloom and open up to me

It could easily be seen

That to breath light as dandelions

Was to presumptuous to hold dear

As an expectation in my head.

For though daylight is forthcoming

In its onslaught of life

When it fractures it remains are sharp

And perceives the coffee sliding

Down your throat to be sling

In slashes that wakes one up.

The morning light may bring pain

As though the thorn of the rose

Finally left gutted the nose

That did nothing more than get

In the way of its very own function

Blind we are to the changes

That comes unexpectedly.

We wish for the repetition of

Lounging lives leading long luxurious

Axed out ways.

Time to prepare and stand toes to the ground

For our resting heels earns us nothing but

The devastating from our

Very own heart frowns.


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