Yes we can !

Sat, 03/30/2013 - 23:36 -- KaylaB

We had Dr. King, brother Malcolm, and we can't forget about Mr.Evers
All black men fighting for one thing
That's a change and a chance
All three where bleeding because of leading

They told us to go back where we came from
But where is that because last time I checked
It was you that grabbed me from my roots that my black brother Alex wrote so deeply about
you stripped me of my name
Raped my culture
And chained my brother, sisters and I
Chains so similar to the animal you unleashed on me during the march to Washington

All I want to do is hold Ruby's hand when it's time to line up for lunch
And maybe this one time water from the fountain won't be hot and brown
Maybe today someone will say
Babyyyyyy everything will be okay

Outside is different that's true
But even Billie Holiday is getting sick of strange fruit
As long a my head is held up high, Jim Crow will soon die
Maybe even one day ill grow up to see a black president for him, her and me
A change will come one day... You'll see


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