Yes She Said!!!

Will you be there for me?
Yes, she said
Always! care for me?
Yes! She said
Can I believe in you, secrets reveal to you
Can I be real to you?
Yes, she said.

Is it safe if I cry for you?
Yes, she said
Other's deny for you?
Yes, she said
Surrender my heart to you, yes EVERY part to you
'Till death us do part' to you?
YES! She said!

I have my history
Yes she said
Bit of a mystery
Yes, she said
Yet will you stay with me, right down the way with me
And never stray from me?
Yes, she said

Are you the 'real thing?'
Yes, she said
See all is well for me, truth always tell to me
Go down to hell for me?
Yes, she said

Are you willing to die for me?
Yes, she said
Grow wings and fly with me?
Yes, she said
Will you be true to me, one of the few to me?
Always anew to me?
Yes, she said.

NO! She said
Climbed out of the mire?
No, she said
Angels revealed your lies
Hell is YOUR paradise
Demons are in your eyes
… Yes, she said


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