The strength of each syllable evokes the most oblique reasoning merely none at all. How is it that funds that never existed precipitate the equality and duration of an education? It is a syllogism that excerpts no confines of a objective. My friend and my mother called me a drop out, yet the suffice of their opinions breach a point nor inductive comprehension. Baffled as to why I'm the drop out it never was addressed to why it was my debt to begin with. The lascivious lack luster debt is the tumor of reprisal that feels oppressed. The self righteous greed that maliciously manages to engulf the feeble mind voyages, plotting to uproot the hungry from what they require. Do I give a damn about something I never had, not at all. My debility of funds aren't the beginning, my situation has been prestidigatated into a hope with no o or e. Leaving me with the acronym h and p; help please. Each squeal yelps but it is hushed by those who could care less.


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