Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses


 For you to be so at peace,

but for me to be such a wreck.


You were like warm Yellow rays;

humming down into the quiet meadows.

You were the Yellow Sun setting

in the seven PM Summer sky.

All I had ever wanted to be.


You’d tell me you had loved

A color, oh so much.

How it was happiness

To be Yellow.

I wanted to be so Yellow.


The way you loved me so, 

made me melt inside of my chest.

I wanted to someday love my children the 

Same way.


My goodnight kiss before bed,

My hair being brushed before school each morning,

Your precious voice, the whole world would miss.


The second I woke up that day,

The very second I lost you, 

I lost a part of me too.


So I will be there,

Forever loving, forever longing.

At your grave with my 

Yellow rose.


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