Years Of Life.

8 years lived on earth,

Can't wait to be unearthed,

loosen the bonds tied tight;

stretch my wings, take flight.

Searching for the fast forward button on life, my plight.


16 years now,

Society asking for too much.

I just wanted peace of mind,

Giving them a piece of my mind:

"I hate you all, i wanna be a kid again"

"I wish i was all grown up"

Conflicting emotions, we know which comes true.


40 years of age

Goals accomlpished, Goals forgotten

Reminicing on my younger days

Wishing for things never to come to pass,

Understanding to live everyday to the fullest.

The next waiting on me is my creator.


And so this year, i taught myself to understand

No matter what you wish for

Life shall still take its course,

So make God your Navigator through the storms.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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