As the Years Go By

Sat, 12/31/2016 - 10:48 -- kks330

As the years go by,

I wonder,

if each resolution I make is truly a promise that there will be

a resolution.


As the years go by,

I wonder if there will be a promise,

for less misery, 

for more happiness,

for more resolutions.


As the years go by,

I realize,

How greedy I am

asking for 'more.'

Asking for a promise that I do get,

but failing to realize that 

I am the one with the duty to fulfill it.


As yet another year goes by,

I recall all the darkness,

I will remember this year,

as a year of angry tears,

as a year of recanting denial,

as a year of wise confusion,

as a year of joyous despair,

as a year of love for disgust,

as a year that I wish to remember to forget.



A day in the age,

a year in the 366 days.


A year where loving people have summoned Vengeance,

who emerged from Justice to trump Hate.

A year where Humanity seemed to lose itself

upon finding Fear, Hatred, and Cowardice.

A year where all logic seemed to fall short

in the face of the tall tales of distrust.


All the lives lost this year,

we shall remember them,

keep them in our hearts,

but learn to forget the loss

as we learn to remember the gains

we have been granted from our memories of them.


All the misery we felt this year,

we shall remember that our smiles can trump any of these moments,

we shall remember we can exit these moments of confusion,

emerge victorious in our own right

because we have used the most powerful tool given to Humanity,

the ability to love reasoning.


Don't fight them, beat them.

Don't fear fear, make fear finally see itself as a coward.

Don't spread ignorance, wisdom is more viral.

Don't remember denial, forget misery's veil.

Don't dwell on social media, focus on living in media res.


As the years go by,

I wonder,

if each resolution I made has been ripened in age,

so that it is ready for me to resolve.

I am ready to shrink away from 2016,

as the coward I am,

to make more resolutions,

as the avaricious fool I am,

to face the coming year,

as I deny 2016's existence in my existence,

until I am ready.

Until I am stronger.

Until I am less of a coward.

Until I am less of a fool.




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