The Year they Understand

With eyes the same color and faces the same shape

people think they see double and that's their first mistake.

They both can laughand they both can sin

yet what they hold most important that, lies within.

One can sing a tune so high while the other prefes to watch the words go by

but that maters not to some people indeed instead they look at what only the eye can see.

With hair nearly the same color an clothes that fit right

people look and then gawk about what's in their sight.

Neither is stupid and neither is blind just take a moment to look in their mind.

They both put on  mask society has made one like the other but never the same.

One gets called prety the other a nerd, but that is no more society won't be heard.

They look at each other and take off the masks,

people's eyes glaze over as they see them separetly at last.

Similar yet different, this is the year they finally understand.


This poem is about: 
My family


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