A Year in Passing

There’s a first time for everything.

But your first year in college is incomparable to others.

From the fall semester to the spring,

Making friends that are close like sisters and brothers.

Tasting freedom, understanding the world for what it is.

Hiking throughout the campus, going to class.

Some will consider this utter bliss.

Others would rather let it all pass.

All-nighters, hyped up on caffeine to write that paper or to study.

Making that grade in exchange for sleep.

You think you found your new study buddy.

When that assignment is over, you crash, not stirring or making a peep.

Finding decent parking is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Trying to outsmart the campus police to avoid parking tickets.

Then carrying twenty something textbooks without breaking your back.

Returning to your car and read, “$50 fine…” stopping at that little snippet.

Going to rec center to see health enthusiasts everywhere

So you decide to workout in your dorm instead.

Changing your image so you decide to do something different with your hair.

Sharing a bed with someone isn’t fun, especially when it’s a twin sized bed.

Paying too much to live in a closet with a bathroom.

Dealing with people you don’t necessarily like.

Stressing out over everything and sifting through the gloom.

Surviving everything with all your might.

 Limited to a few spots to eat on campus, many which you grow to not enjoy.

Wanting to try that new restaurant but don’t like the idea of paying.

Seeing that cutie in the hallway and wanting to say hi, problem is that he’s a boy.

Being shy to talk to him and trying to conserve your bills goes without saying,

College is quite an experience.





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