A Year Old

 A year ago

I wouldn't have known

the girl I see now

I could not have told you how

I did not know me

I was in my own self misery

I was in deep depression

In what I thought was oppression

I felt the world on my shoulders

I felt myself growing colder

I had to grow bolder

Or I would only sink lower

So I found myself in all the darkness

God led me out through His guidance

I waited and I prayed

I'm not a patient person but I stayed

Stayed determined and persistent 

Till I could no longer see the old me in the distance

I learned to be my own rally

Like a cat coddled out of a dark alley

I began to emerge

The old me and the new me began to submerge

I found a new love

The person in the mirror was a person I could be proud of

I saw my weaknesses but I saw my strength

No matter how shaky my world was I would not faint

I went through therapy but that was not where the solution lied

It was in my own heart, my own very life

I had a maker who created me

And I was the one who was throwing away my dreams

But I had an epiphany 

I was snapped back to reality

My nightmares transformed back into dreams

Everything was back as it should have seemed

I stood each day a little taller

The world could no longer make me feel smaller

I found my college, the place I will now call home

I now feel free, no longer entrapped under my own dome

I can be me, and now the new girl can show

But you see, we can never be new

I am me, that I can not lose

I still have my scars from the old me that was torn

But like a phoenix out of ashes, I have been reborn

-Rachel Hughey (01/04/2017) 



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