the year of my dreams

everyone tells you how amazing senior year will be,

From freshmen year, you watch in awe as the seniors move about.

You envy them, for their achievements and accomplishments

For their prom dresses and their cap and gowns.

But now, in my place as a senior, I'm more lost than ever

I'd always imagined senior year to be full of promise 

My goal's been to go to Stanford, or Berkeley

But, now as the deadlines approach, I can't remember a single reason I wanted to apply

I also can't remember why I ever envied those poor seniors.

Did I want to say goodbye to my friends? Did I want to be stressed out with college applications?

Or maybe I wanted to be free! yes, that's it, to be free.

How silly of me, a young freshmen, unaware of how much she would come to love this school

Unaware of all the bonds that she would make with her teachers.

Unaware of her life long friendships.

A part of me is happy, sure

Why wouldn't I be?

I'm graduating and making something of myself

But, there's this other part of me that feels broken.

If I could rewind time and start all over again, I would in a heartbeat.

My school is my home, My teachers are my family and my friends are my siblings.


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