The Year of Love

The difference that love can make

Could shift tectonic plates
The difference between

Hot and cold

Fear and relieve

There has never been a force

So strong

As the love I now

Feel for him

My new best friend

And shoulder to lean on

My new supporter

And hand to hold

Has taken me from the quiet girl

To a woman who can’t be shushed

He makes me feel invincible

But reminds me that

I’m only human

I acquire a specific type of man

And he does more than deliver
He exceeds my expectations always

More than once a day

I never knew I was capable

Of such a strong emotion

But he’s opened me up

Made me more free

I have never felt

Like more than a

Single drop in the ocean

But he makes me feel

Like I’m the waves

Of the world’s greatest


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Beautiful :) Love is a strong force, if not the strongest. 

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