A Year in the Life

2016 -

The year my hopes and dreams

Were supposed to come true.

Somehow blue

As a blue bird I flew

Up and away from high school

And the dreams I formulated there.


Through the ceiling I threw my maroon cap

On the day I graduated

Running laps faster than my previous thinking speed

I thought myself into a fear of this

Great unknown ahead of me -


College flies higher than a blue bird and

Higher than a fiery cap.

It flew into my lap and I became its possession.

Who am I? No,

What am I going to be?

No, what should I be?

What new career should become my new obsession?


I was blinded and walked blindly

Through the doors into my reality.

If I knew more about myself maybe I could

Have found some quicker clarity.

And as tricky as life seemed in 2016,

I ran out of it’s embrace merrily

Because I found a new sense of me

And I am excited for 2017.


Isabella Rolland


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