A Year in a Day

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 00:59 -- Sejdina

I wasn't sure of the mess on the ground

A turn of the corner  

Face down

The quiet shuffling of my feet toward...   



I got her up

In the same moment

I rose higher...

She sunk lower


Every frantic push and haul to the bathroom

Every strip of clothing I had to seize

Every incoherent word

Stood me up on a pedestal of strength drenched in pain


Every check of her pulse

Every “how many did you take?!”

Every time she spewed nonsense back

Piled on the floor to make a podium for my independence


Every stumble into her underwear

Every pause and teeter from one wall to another

Every “leave me here”

Told me I wasn’t my mother’s daughter


Resistance met the drained face of acceptance

A push through the automatic door

The perfect solitude of a ride home   


A year packed into a day

Rippled tiny reminders in my commonplace

A trip to the store

A forged signature

A lonely meal


My lonely strength

The intertwining of sacrifice and peace

The acceptance of independence  

The creation and re-creation of destiny

This poem is about: 
My family


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