This Year

This year I heard they were bombing on the other side,
I just want the world blood free
Let the war go
The world is ours
Yet the few run it
So this year rap beef get coverage over the struggle now
Folks with no water
We rip the world apart
Turn blood to diamonds
Kinda like jesus did in the scriptures

Im brown skinned
Kinda short small builded
Like the kings in the past tho
I been defeated but never lost
See i hear the cries
I think the world be coming to an end
Still i lead like a king do
And the sun rise and i happen again
And i be happy again
See I’m a hippie if you wanna use labels
This year think animals deserve grass not metal,
This year i saw way of the dragon word to Bruce Lee,
Anybody can become a dragon if you train
Full hearted
I laught but not fool hearted
See the past is a warning for the future
Forget the camps
But can never forget Campbellton
Forget money and that's word to Hampbelton,
See you work for a check and they take
Then they want your respect
I was taught lesson
never forget but i forgive
Word to elephants
Life roll on see imma live
Bombs over schools
Killing for the land
Behind the masks
No paint not cloth no fake
Times of the United States
Of Embarrassing
Of hilariously
But rarely charity
that benefit the cause
They take the money and just sent my some drawls,
The facts stack against the opposition
Freedom to speech
Grim freedom to reap
Lit bout a bright as a black hole
And it shines like gold
Made of stardust and trust you can’t trick a jester,
You joker thinking you mess with this blackman,

This year I learned a struggle anywhere a struggle every where,
We got an army for what
Basic things fighting for our basic needs and family,
But the basic thing
Is love and you can't fight it
Thug even a killer love his momma
In love with money
See you fake and you enjoy it
When I'm writing I get carried away get to touring,
Im Passion influenced

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My country
Our world
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