This Year

Last  year, 

I was a year younger, 

an inch shorter,

a touch timider.


Last year, 

I had less friends, 

more self-doubt, 

less confidence. 


Last year, 

I was too ignorant to notice, 

too shy to stand up, 

too pre-occupied with my own worries to notice yours too. 


Last year, 

we were so close.

When you'd fall asleep on my lap, 

I'd let you lay there until you woke. 


This year, 

I notice the signs. 

I notice the biggotry. 

I notice hate hiding inches away from the surface. 


this year, 

i'm a year older, 

an inch taller, 

a touch more self-assured. 


this year, 

I'm going to stand up to You. 

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