Let’s take take a minute to get back In  It .

Kids in flannel shirts rolling in the dirt .

Hipster millennials , it’s ironic that they’re bionic .

Platonic lovers with expressive eyes .

Only 22 and has ice cream thighs .

Was it stupid or was I wise .

This whole damned works is compromised .

Yes .... I’ve came to realize that we’re right where we are .

Ass on a stool at some trendy dive bar .

Microwave burritos and flaming hot Cheetos .

Ya it’s true , I will eat those .

Paired with a nutty  Chardonnay  

classy as eff what can I say ?


Yay .... this is the world we’re in .

Yay ... . This is how I sin .

It’s digital , with some artificial ingredients .

This is the life I’m in .

Concoctions , compounded by big pharma.

Some of them quell the cerebral drama .

Yay I’m a crazy fuck .

Hey at least I’m not driving truck .

That couldn’t work well with my karma.


When the gloves come off and the masks go down .

How much residual fear will be left ?

Some people accept it and move right on .

Some of us really never belonged .

That’s alright , it’s my own multiverse .

A slow motion riot built my hell .

I’m getting out slowly just as well .

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My country
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