xx::// dear heartbreak

dear heartbreak,

you are a coward
you hide your true identity behind the disguise of a man
or the spiteful smile of a jealous friend
or the life of a loved one that’s about to end
you steal the smile from the sun
you steal the shine from my lips
maybe I meant that the other way around
maybe you just leave me disoriented
they say if I embrace the pain then I will find peace within you
but I have yet to find the beauty in your lessons
for most people,
you’re the fire burning a candle wick
you’re the salty waterfall of tears on puffy cheeks
you’re two cars colliding on a busy highway
you’re the destruction of a war zone
but for me,
you’re the lifeless hot wax from a burned candle
you’re the gentle hiccups after heart wrenching sobs
you’re the sirens leaving the crash site
you’re the eerie silence of a battlefield turned to a graveyard
you have turned everything to nothing
and that is worse than any pain
because I can’t pick up my pieces
if there are no pieces left

sincerely yours,
                     a sufferer

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