Xendi_Rae #nofilter


The girl who knows more about you than you'll ever know about her,

But she'll let you in... Just for a little while,

So here I go,

I can't stay focused for more than five minutes on something uninteresting,

I've always got a million things to say, and sometimes speak gibberish trying to get it all out at once,

To say the least I'm a potty mouth with the most minimal vocabulary,

I am, a word that I dred, "The L Word",

But Lesbihonest that's nothing to be ashamed of,

I like tunnels because I like to hear the echo of my own voice,

I don't usually let people in so I guess you're a lucky one,

I am one who they told would never go far, 

But I've done it, 

I made it, 

I'm finally here,

But now I am itching to be an introvert again, 

I've let you see a side of me few people get to, 

It was nice talking to you though.




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