The wrong plan

Sun, 06/23/2013 - 19:50 -- Staceyw

Meeting him wasn't anything new 

i liked him and knew he liked me too

we went up to his room, just to play a video game 

he was different , he didnt like the fame

Drunk? No we were sober

just one kiss, and I didn't want it to be oover 

No cameras or lights  

No wrong or rights 

That look in his eyes 

i felt surprised ,butterflies 

Off went the jeans , briefs, and shirt

sneakers , bra and skirt 

what were we thinking ?

i don't know 

but in that moment , i let it all go 

Rubber! That was missing 

But in that moment we couldn't stop kkissing 

then it was done 

And the thoughts begun 

vomiting , eating ,sstress 

clear signs but I still took the test 

3 minutes, I could be, what if, maybe

3 minutes , positive , I'm having his baby 


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