Wrong Person

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Wrong person

By: Mabendu Kamara


Don’t confuse my kindness with weakness

cliched but true.

your worst mistake was biting the hand that fed you

but you didn’t stop there,

you threatened me,  

tried to exploit me

tried to guilt me.

all this because I took back my favor that you are

the one who bit the master’s hand.

you did not show gratitude.

I was warned to stay away from you.

I was told about your untrustworthiness.

I would have never guessed that it was your queen who told you to cleanse your purity

and forsake your crown,

that's the only reason you are even there to bark from the outside of the gate,

because my virtue allows me to a lot you

a whim of pity.

I am strong,



and unique.

No one can take that away from me.
nothing that you can say or do will ever hurt me.


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