Wrong love

Her name was Bella, she liked this boy named Eli. Eli was the popular Jock boy who had tons of fangirls. But Eli was kind, empathetic, sympathetic, and helpful
Bella was the exact the same, but she was not fangirling around him. Bella was shy and unspoken.

One day the Eli accidentally hit Bella while playing soccer. It hit her right in her forehead. Eli rushed coming over, he actually fell himself
"Are you okay?",he asked
"Um sure?",Bella shyly replied
"Wanna go to your favorite pizza place...Dominos? ",Eli asked
"Ho-w how d-i-d you kn-ow -th-at?",Bella asked confused
"Oh I heard your friends",he replied
"Sureee I got to go Bai" ,Bella suspiciously said as she walked away
"You will be mine and nobody's else. And I will kill anyone who touches you or looks at you, Luna", Eli said with a smirk
"How did he know that? ",Bella thought to herself
"I never told anyone about dominos"
"Weird "
"Bell?!", a boy yelled. Luna stopped but Eli was watching as the boy started talking to Bella
"Your gone boy", Eli whispered with a grin

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Our world


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