The Wrong Impression

You have the wrong impression about us.
And it’s time to address the matter.
I really don’t want to hurt your feelings.
Even though this may disappoint you,
I regard you as just my friend.
If I knew a better way to handle the situation,
Honestly, I wouldn’t do this to you.

You asked me if I love you and I said yes,
But I didn’t explain exactly what I meant.
I must tell you before things go any further.
I love you as a spiritual sister.
And I think you’re an excellent person.
But as for erotic love, I’m so sorry, my dear,
I just don’t feel that way about you.

I’ve been noticing your amorous glances at me.
It’s obvious you have a crush on me,
But I don’t have the same sentiment for you.
And I just can’t reciprocate your love.
Love is emotive, and I need a faithful wife.
You said you love my sexy eyes,
But I can’t marry someone I don’t love.

I can tell you’re an experienced woman.
And if you want to start a romance,
You should be sure the other person loves you.
If you’re genuinely interested in me,
This is going to hurt you a lot.
You may wonder how I know this.
I’m aware of the uncertainties of love.
I had the wrong impression about a girl too.

Inquisitive persons think I’m courting you.
They observe the closeness between us.
If someone dares to ask me about this,
My immediate response will be no.
This may well be our last contact.
It depends on how you react to my decision.
And if things turn out badly for us,
Please don't put all the blame on me.
My conscience prodded me to write you a letter.

If I broke your heart and caused you harm,
I take this opportunity to apologise.
It’s not my fault that you made such a mistake,
But I feel responsible for the misunderstanding.
How can I expiate my involvement in this?
I sincerely sympathize with you.
The love you’re looking for will soon come to you.

Yes, I have personal problems,
But it makes no sense discussing them with you.
I don’t think you’ll understand.
Nobody can understand me.
In conclusion, you’re a grown woman,
So pull yourself together.
Don’t worry about me, sweetie.
I guess I’ll get along just fine.
You could still affiliate with me if you wish.


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