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What was it?
Was it my hair?
Or maybe the way I laughed?
Man, I knew you hated that;
But was it too hard to bare?

What was it?
Maybe it was the chocolate wave.
You know, the one deep in my soul;
Such a sweet sensation,
But was it enough to make you cave?

What was it?
Because, honestly, I need closure.
I loved you more than the autumn leaves;
More than the summer breeze.
But now you tug away while I pull you closer?

I cannot understand it.
That one thing,
Such a secretive commodity,
That put this brick of uncertainty between us,
Isolating the love we were supposed to bring.

Well you can have it.
No need to fight for what is over.
There is no love to save,
Only pain is what I wish to share.
But don't come back now, because I don't need you here.

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Just How I feel towards past relationships

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