Once the pencil hits the page it is game time

It is time to think and get competitive

It takes hard work to get the best writing

It takes just the best to get a championship win

You start sweating, thinking, and worrying

The time you want nothing but perfection

It is very easy to write but to write as a winner, never.

It is a very competitive world

Some type fast, some take their time and think it all out

Some like perfection and do not like to turn in ‘bad work’

These are all the different types of writers

All of these writers are good in their own ways

But who is the actual one that’s strategy works

To become the winner of writing

Shakespeare with his metrical pattern rhyming

Charles Dickens was a master of dialect

Mark Twain’s realism of place and language, memorable characters and hatred of hypocrisy and oppression

Gabriel Garcia Marquez a magical realism writer

All of these writers are winners of their own type of writing

Writing is easy but to be a winner you need to be the best

Writing is just like winning



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