Writer's Block


It's like the death of me

Words escaped my mind 

So hard to find anything 

Just lingering in empty space

Sitting in the shadows

Where the light glares in my eyes

It hurts and the reflections on the walls close in

My brain is fried 

And the burning windows explode 

I'm about to implode, suffocating in thoughts of a blank page

I'm in a cage

But what belongs has disappeared

I fear

This thing will never end

Why won't thee

Help spill the words in place

I feel misplaced

I was just in the moment

Feeling the vibes   

To make rhymes and smooth lullabies 

Shouldn't this be easy? 

Like a piece of cake 

But it makes me want to break

And I begin to shake 

Shiver while I close my eyes

But I see nothing but darkness

A light arrives and shines through the words I've been searching for

Finally the pen on paper works

The led on paper livens its perks 

I can write

It's not a shock

Because I'm not on writer's block 


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