The Writer

Words too heavy with pain,

To be given the weight of sound,

Thoughts too vile to ever deign,

To consider saying aloud,


Feelings speech cannot express,

But the heart cannot cage,

Something she can only confess, 

Through Writer's blood on the page,


Feelings flowing in a vicious torrent,

Emotions breaking free,

Relief riding a bittersweet current,

Tears that cleanse and let her be,


A simple numbness left within,

The healing is begun,

A victory earned with ink and pen,

In the war that's never quite won,


There will always be another fight,

But she knows that she will be alright,

No matter what life throws her way,

For what can't be spoken she'll still convey,


Gripping life with ink stained hands,

She's able to live through what others can't stand,


For she is who she is,

And she is The Writer.


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