Write through nights


United States
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Why do I write, most off the time writing has me up late nights

In my bed, phrases and words pop in my head, some examples are instead and newlyweds, or my legs are moving west
See I try to give vivid examples, I use no existing poet has a sample, if i was a horse these pages I'd trample, because my composition book looks like its been trampled

Pages falling out the margins, and my scribbling words look foreign,
I don't know if I'm in the next stanza, all i know is this gift i got didn't come from Santa, I thrust for knowledge like some do Fantas
Where should i end this poem, when anxiety comes writing keeps me calm, but some times i open the bible and turn to psalms, my emotions getting to deep its starting to sound like a song

When I saw the topic, my poetic mind just went of like a rocket, I could use a 1,000 dollars in my pocket, I would help my academic journey because right now I can't stop it

College life can test your might, so to relieve stress I write, sophomore year I was left stranded by who i thought was gonna be my wife, whole semester I was cold as ice, and rarely acted nice

So you all asked the question, now I'll just wait and see if I made the selection, or do I have to take another sit in the loser section, sitting hoping I answered your question


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